Maintenance Advantages of Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts have several major advantages over other types of forklifts. They’re lightweight, and relatively mechanically simple, without the large numbers of moving parts. Electric forklift maintenance is therefore comparatively easy, and significantly cheaper. Electric forklifts, in fact, are as good as their petrol-powered equivalents, without a lot of the drawbacks from a technical standpoint. … Continue reading

Daily Maintenance Checklists – Electric Forklifts

Daily maintenance checks are best practice, an essential part of good forklift maintenance, and this is no different for electric forklifts. These checks can find problems before they become potential risks and OHS issues. Your daily maintenance check will find any issues, fast. Forklift Maintenance Checklists and How They Work The checking process is a … Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Forklift – Service and Maintenance

The forklift is a combination of these core systems: The mast – This is the lifting system and includes the fork and lifting mechanism, tied in to the hydraulic system. Drive – This is usually an electrical drive system using batteries. (Outdoor forklifts may have petrol engines, but indoor forklifts are electrical.) Hydraulics – This … Continue reading

How Often Should a Forklift Be Serviced, and Why?

Forklifts are hard-working machines that carry very large loads continuously over time. They’re put under significant mechanical stress, and most forklift maintenance is based on simply fixing the natural ongoing effects of this work. Any defect in a forklift can lead to major, expensive problems, so prevention is always a lot cheaper than cure. There’s … Continue reading

Buying a Used Forklift – Repair Problems to Look for

When buying a used forklift, defects are an obvious possible issue The problems start when you buy a “bargain” that turns out to be a repairman’s dream. There’s a big difference between routine forklift maintenance and servicing, and over-the-top extra costs, so be careful when buying. A couple of buying tips before we start: A … Continue reading