Buying a Used Forklift – Repair Problems to Look for

When buying a used forklift, defects are an obvious possible issue The problems start when you buy a “bargain” that turns out to be a repairman’s dream. There’s a big difference between routine forklift maintenance and servicing, and over-the-top extra costs, so be careful when buying. A couple of buying tips before we start: A … Continue reading

4 Forklift Dangers and How to Prevent Them

It’s no accident that forklift operators are given extensive training in OHS. Forklift work can be dangerous, both for operators and other people onsite. Preventing these dangers can represent a better workplace, as well as millions of dollars’ worth of savings. This is where identify dangers comes in. Common Forklift Dangers and Prevention The most … Continue reading

Forklift Troubleshooting – Common Problems You Encounter

When you’re working with forklifts, any problem can be serious trouble. You need to know how to recognise the faults, and assess the risks, both in terms of onsite safety and downtime caused by mechanical or other failures. Regular forklift maintenance reduces the risks enormously, but be aware that problems will occur, sooner or later. … Continue reading