Why hiring a forklift can deliver excellent business values

Hiring a forklift can be a clever business decision, both onsite and on your balance sheet. There are multiple reasons for hiring forklifts, and you may be surprised how much of a difference this very simple approach can make to your bottom line. aussieforkliftrepairs_adminMore Posts – Website

Do You Really Need a New Forklift? You Probably Do

There are several ways of deciding whether you need a new forklift: Workflow: Is handling slow or taking up more time than it should, even on basic jobs? If so, your forklift is the most likely handling issue. Doing two trips where another forklift would only do one is the sure sign that your forklift … Continue reading

Why Top Brand Forklifts Are Right for Your Business

Modern forklifts are major assets for all businesses. They manage workflow, manage time, improve handling, and offer a range of very high value efficiencies in many roles. That said, not all forklifts are equal. There are qualitative differences between brands, and the top brands are in many ways in a league of their own. aussieforkliftrepairs_adminMore … Continue reading

Why Buying a Used Forklift Can Be a Very Good Business Move

Used forklifts can be a surprisingly useful acquisition for businesses. Don’t be put off by the word “used”. As a matter of fact, any used forklift you buy in Australia will be in excellent condition. All machines are required to be fully serviced for compliance with Australian safety and operational standards. They must also be … Continue reading

High Capacity Forklifts: Getting Your Purchasing Right for Best Business Values

Forklift capacity is very important for managing workflow. Any good time and motion study will deliver a range of metrics to show what’s right and wrong with your handling capacity, work turnarounds, and other critical core business needs. The next question, of course, is how to improve these metrics to reach business outcomes. The most … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Electric Forklifts

Compared to gas and diesel forklifts, electric forklifts tend to fare better for several reasons. They are ideal in cold climates and for indoor use such as within warehouses. While they are more expensive up front, they tend to provide better return on investment as they: Are most cost-effective to run Last longer Quieter and … Continue reading

Forklift Operation – Understanding the Nuts and Bolts 

A good forklift operator is a major asset for any business. Most people don’t know that forklift operators are the people who manage workflow, solve handling issues, and ensure that things run smoothly on site. Modern forklifts have added another dimension to this basic role – drastically improved efficiencies. The new generation forklifts are very … Continue reading