Forklift Repairs vs New Purchase

It’s fair to say that the decision to buy a new forklift or repair an old one is a true bottom line issue. You need to consider outlays and tangible benefits for each option, and some obvious questions: ·         Forklift repairs are always a good option, but do you need to upgrade? ·         Realistically, how … Continue reading

Forklift Attachments – What to Choose and When to Use

Forklift attachments are among the most productive, useful parts of your equipment. The different types of attachments include a variety of high-value options, like extensions, jibs, and other excellent handling gear. Here is our guide to forklift attachments. Forklift Attachments for Any Task Forklift attachments and extensions can be used for a vast range of … Continue reading

Protecting Your Forklift from Tipping

Forklifts are high-performance vehicles. They’re working continuously and because of this, they have some significant safety issues that need to be kept in mind all the time. Tipping is one of the most serious and dangerous of these safety problems. Forklift Safety Essentials The key elements in forklift safety are: Good driving: Australian forklift drivers … Continue reading

5 Benefits of Buying a Second Hand Forklift

Forklifts are a good investment for any business. That said, if you’re looking at serious upfront costs, a second-hand forklift can be a very good move and we’d like to explain why. Second Hand Forklift Basics The critical factors in buying a second-hand forklift are pretty convincing: 1. Vehicle quality: Most second-hand forklifts on the … Continue reading

The Right Forklift For the Right Terrain

Rough terrain forklifts and conventional forklifts are very different. If you’re looking at a rough terrain forklift, there are several things you need to know and it’s important to compare the many major differences. Rough Terrain Forklifts and 4WD forklifts Rough terrain forklifts are designed to manage difficult environments. They’re bigger than most conventional powered … Continue reading

What is a Pallet Truck?

A pallet truck looks like a “sawn-off forklift”. They can be powered or manually-driven and they are a class of incredibly usefully handling gear. Pallet trucks have excellent uses in just about any business, particularly warehouses and distribution centres. Types of Pallet Trucks If you search pallet trucks images online, expect to see a stunning … Continue reading

Advantages of Hiring a Forklift

Buying a forklift has its advantages but so does hiring one. Hiring a forklift is a particularly good option if you’re looking at cash flow benefits. Need more convincing? Check out our analysis below. Good Hiring Scenarios There are several scenarios where hiring forklifts is a better option: Workload management: Experienced forklift owners will tell … Continue reading

How to Invest in Your Warehouse

The modern warehouse is a high-value investment in a supercharged market. If you invest in onsite facilities and equipment wisely, this investment is sure to have a lot of upsides. The core issues for warehouse investment are all about efficiencies. You need excellent space management, top quality handling equipment and good risk management in the … Continue reading