All about Forklift Attachments

Modern forklifts have a vast range of different types of attachments. The many different “species” of forklifts include a wide variety of handling attachments, forks, masts, and more. The different types of forklifts have different capacity, different operational scope and, in some cases, are highly specialised. A further consideration is that many workplaces actually use … Continue reading

What Many People Overlook When Buying a Forklift

This innocent sounding title hides a serious issue; “overlooking” anything when buying a forklift can be a very expensive exercise. The main problem, in fact, is that it’s pretty easy to overlook things and do your bottom line some damage in the process. With any kinds of equipment acquisition, best practice is to have a … Continue reading

Let’s Look at Forklift Fleet Management

Some people might call forklift fleet management an art as much as a business. Forklift fleet management contains a lot of different types of operational dynamics. The basic job of fleet management has to run seamlessly, with minimal downtime and maximum productivity. In this article, we’re taking you through the basics of managing a forklift … Continue reading

The Interesting History of the Forklift

The forklift has a history going back to 1917. The original idea was simply to create a truck that was designed to move materials around factories. This idea soon evolved into the early stages of modern hydraulic forklifts. Early forklifts were pretty basic and couldn’t lift loads much higher than their own height. Even that … Continue reading

Our Christmas Guide to Selecting the Right Forklift

If you’re considering new forklift acquisitions over the Christmas period, you may be surprised to learn that this is a good time to buy. It’s the middle of the financial year and you can get some very good deals.  You can also give yourself a few Christmas presents, too, with acquisitions of top-brand forklifts and … Continue reading